Thursday, March 7, 2013

High On Hope

Hey Guys,

So I got one of the new Orly's from the Hope and Freedom Fest collection.  I only picked up High On Hope but I really want to grab the yellow and green from this collection as well.  This polish is a dusty, grayed out blue with a gorgeous pink duochrome shimmer running through it.  It applied okay but need 3 coats to be opaque.  It's really pretty but the shimmer didn't show up as much as I would like.  I decided to do a gradient with Orly Space Cadet because I thought the two of these polishes would look amazing together.  I was right they look really good together and I found that sponging on High On Hope made the pink shimmer appear so much better!  I would recommend sponging on the last coat of this polish to bring out this gorgeous shimmer.

Natural Light, Indirect
Natural Light, Indirect
Direct Sunlight
Underwater, I mean could all duochromes look like this in real life please!?!?

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