Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tutorial: Madeline Poole Inspired Flowers

Hey guys,

So I posted my Madeline Poole Flowers mani about a week ago and I thought I would do a tutorial on them for you all.  It is a great nail art design for beginners and they look so cute!   The only supplies you will need are a few polishes a dotting tool, and a nail art brush.

Colors used:  Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Without a Stitch, Essie In the Cab-ana, First Timer and Mojito Madness, China Glaze White On White and Sally Girl Get Out!

Step One:  Paint your nails a base color, I would suggest a white, off-white or a nude.  Pick two colors for your flowers, a white for the middle of the flower and a green for the leaves

Step Two:  Give your base color 30 minutes to dry or apply a quick dry topcoat and wait about 5 minutes. Pick one of your flower colors place a drop on a piece of paper and grab your dotting tool.  Make little half circles in a two to four spots around your nail, make sure you space them well so that you can fit the other side of your flower on in a minute.

Step Three: Grab your other flower color and do a half circle on the other side of the half circles you just did to make a little flower shape.  These do not have to be perfect looking.

Step Four:  Grab your white and with your dotting tool place a small dot in the center of your flowers

Step Five:  Get your green polish and your nail art brush and paint small leaves around your flowers, I did two leaves for each flower.  These again don't have to be perfect, I am not great at drawing leaves as you can see.

Step Six: Wait about 5 minutes and apply a quick dry topcoat, I would recommend Seche Vite because it will not smear your design

Oh and I did an accent nail as well, this is a coat of In the Cab-ana and Sally Girl Get Out! (fyi in love with this glitter!)

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