Friday, May 18, 2012

Nail Art

I figured I would post a few nail art designs that I like to do today. 

First up is a dotticure, this pretty simple to do and all you need is a bobby pin or a toothpick.  I used and dotting tool which you can get at Sally's Beauty Supply.  This is Zoya Maura and Purity.  I love this one!

Next up are a couple of aztec mani's, these are some what hard to do especially when you are trying to do the nail art with your non-dominant hand.  But if you go slow and try to keep your hand steady it is pretty easy and turn out looking really cool.  I used pastels for both of these but you could use any color and they would look really good with just one base color instead of skittles.  I used a stripper polish from LA Colors, the Art Deco ones, you can find them in a bunch of different colors at Dollar Tree.

Lastly is a marbled manicure, this probably the only way I will ever where marbles as a few accent nails.  I am not the best at them and they are a pain in the butt to do from my experience.  But they look really cool when they are done.

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