Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Glitter Gradient Nails Tutorial

Here is my glitter gradient tutorial.  This is pretty easy and you don't need any special tools or anything to achieve the look.

Step 1:  Paint your nails with a base color of your choice.  I used Wet N Wild I Need A Refresh-Mint.

Step 2:  Choose a glitter nail polish, you can use one that has really fine glitter or one that has larger pieces in it as well.  I used Milani Jewel Fx Teal glitter for this one.  Wipe almost all of the glitter off of the brush by swipping it on the bottle opening and apply it in downward strokes starting at the tip of you nail and working towards the middle to 3/4 of the way down the nail.  Leave some of the base color at the base of the nail free of glitter.

Step 3:  Apply another light coat of glitter from the middle of the nail to the tip.  This will start to give you the gradient effect we are looking for.

Step 4: Apply the glitter to just the tips of the nails making the tips as opaque with glitter as you can.  Apply a top coat and you are done!

Sorry for the very flashy pics, it's nighttime and I had to use flash indoors.  The gradient looks much more opaque at the tips in real life.  I suggest if you are going to try this for the first time use a finer glitter with no big hexagonal pieces in it because they are a bish to try and get to look right in a glitter gradient!

Here are a couple of examples of glitter gradients I have done before.  I really like to use a more neutral color with these they look really nice.  The first one is OPI Skull and Glossbones with OPI Glow Up Already.  The second is Wet N Wilds Grey Anatomy (fyi I added about 30 drops of black to my Gray Anatomy because it was really sheer before) with Cover Girl City Lights.


  1. Thanks for this great tutorial!

    1. You're welcome, I am glad you found it helpful!

  2. Awesome tutorial! I've always found glitter gradients difficult, but this makes it so much easier to understand!