Saturday, May 26, 2012

Lisa Frank Inspired Nails

As a kid I loved anything Lisa Frank, I had a million folders, Trapper Keepers, stickers etc. I was obsessed!!  I love the bright colorful designs she did (and still does).  It is great inspiration for a fun colorful mani.

I started with a base of Orly Au Champagne, the did a gradient with Color Club Electro Candy, Pure Energy, Ultra Violet, and What A Shock!  I then stamped over it with the Express Manicure kit using the star image, I used Wet N Wild Black Creme.  Then topped it off with a glitter top coat, that is honestly a mixture of a bunch of glitters that looked better mixed together than on their own.  I am not the best stamper in the world and this is my first full manicure that I have attempted to stamp.

I like the end result, just wished I was better at stamping haha!!  Also neon's really do drive me nuts to try and photograph, this is way more vibrant in real life.

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