Thursday, September 20, 2012

Tagged: Liebster Award

I was tagged by Ida Rose over at for a Liebster Award.  It's more like a tag or chain letter.  Bloggers tag blogs with less than 200 followers and tag them to tell 11 random facts about themselves and ask them to answer 11 questions that they came up with. In return the blogger that was tagged is supossed to tag other bloggers and come up with 11 random questions for them. 

Questions from Ida Rose:

1) Do you have a favorite perfume or scent and if so, what is it?  I have a few but my go to for years has been the original Candies for Women perfume

2) What is the last polish that you bought?  China Glaze Deviantly Daring and Bahamian Escape

3) What is your favorite nail polish finish?  This is impossible for me to answer haha.  I like them all but frosts

4) How often do you change your nail polish?  3-4 times a week, however recently it has been everyday with this 31 Day Challenge I am doing.

5) What is an easy to find lemming that you haven't fulfilled?  Nails Inc. Bakers Street

6) What is your favorite commercial nail polish brand?  It's a tie between China Glaze and Orly

7) What color do you find yourself buying the most?  Blues, I cannot get enough of them!

8) Do you have anyone in real life that shares your polish obsession?  No but my co-workers love my fun nails

9) In what number range is your polish collection?  Well last time I counted I was at 200 exactly but I have bought some since then, I try to keep it as low as I can but that is starting to become difficult

10) What is a future polish release that you are excited about?  China Glaze Halloween

11) Do you collect anything else besides nail polish?  Makeup, I have way too many eyeshadows, liners, and lipsticks

Eleven Random Fact About Myself:

1) I love to read, I have read all the Harry Potter books (more than once), Stephen King's Dark Tower series is really good too.  Just a couple of my faves but I have read countless books over the years

2) I am scared of heights

3) "Scary" movies don't scare me at all, you know those overly gorry, just plain gross slasher movies like all the Saw movies.  I just think they are silly...

4)  I never go without toe nail polish, even in the winter time, I may wait a little while to change it in the winter but I always have some polish on my toes :)

5) I have a sick obsession with the Real Housewives of Orange County and New Jersey, I rarely watch television but if I do it is one of these shows usually

6)  One of my all time favorite foods is hummus, I can seriously live off the stuff

7)  I hate tomatoes

8)  My hair has been every color but black, I have even had blue and pink hair back before it was "in"

9)  I love art, all genres and mediums, I love to learn the history and meanings behind pieces of art

10)  I will pretty much listen to any kind of music except for country, it just does not appeal to me at all

People I Am Tagging:

Sunny at

The Polished Mommy at

My Questions:

1) What is your favorite nail polish color?
2) At what age did you get interested in nail polish?
3) Do you collect other beauty products besides nail polish?
4) What is your all time favorite nail polish brand?
5) How many polish do you own?
6) Do you enjoy doing nail art?
7) Has your boyfriend/husband/significant other let you polish their nails?
8) How often do you paint your nails?
9) If you were allowed to only keep one nail polish from your stash which one would it be?
10) Do you like glitter nail polish?
11) What is your favorite drug store brand?

Hope you enjoyed this fun random tag!

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