Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Neon Splatter Tutorial

So I decided to do a splatter mani today and I figured I would go ahead and post a tutorial on it. 

Step one: You will need to lay down some newspaper or something to protect the area where you will be doing your nails.  Choose a base color and 2-4 colors for your splatters.  You will need a straw for each splatter color and some clear tape to tape around your nails so that clean-up is easier.

Step 2: Paint your base color, I chose Orly Au Champagne, I wanted to use white because it would make my neon splatter colors pop.

Step 3: Tape off the area's around your finger so that the nail polish does not get all over your fingers.  Trust me you will want to do this because even with tape the clean-up is no fun.  It is hard to tell from the picture but you want to use the smallish strips of tape and tape just under your nail and on both side getting the tape as close to the nail as you can without covering the nail.

Step Four: Sorry guys didn't get pics of this step!  Basically you pour a small amount of polish onto the newspaper or a paper plate and you dip your straw in the nail polish then blow a quick puff of air into the other end of the straw and onto your nail.  This takes some time to perfect and the splatter is going to vary with each nail.  I work with one color at a time on two nails and then got to the next color and the next.  Don't try to do all five nails on each hand at the same time. It is much easier to tape off two or three nails and splatter those first then remove the tape from them and do the other nails on the hand.  After they have a chance to dry for a bit I applied a Color Club top coat (not sure of the exact name it came with my Electro Candy set and it is supposed to make you nail polish colors more vibrant) then I put a coat of Seche Vite over that.

Your finished result should be something similar to this!

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