Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fan Brush Tie Dye Nail Art

Hey guys,

So I am not really sure what to call these nail at the moment but I am going with fan brush tie dye for right now.  I am in love with this look and it is so simple it is not even funny.  I got the inspiration for this nail design from a dress I had bought for an event at work.  It had a really pretty blue and pink watercolor look in parts of the fabric and it made me want to try for something like it on my nails.  I started with and off-white base and did two coats of that and top coated it.  I let it dry for about ten minutes then I grabbed a pastel neon blue and pink polish, a fan brush and some pure acetone.  I just placed a big drop of the polish color on a paper plate and then I dipped my fan brush into the acetone and thinned out the polish till it got a watercolor look to it.  I then just randomly dapped the thinned polish onto my nails.  I will probably do a more detailed picture tutorial on these soon so I can explain better how I got this look.  I hope you all enjoy!

Colors used: OPI My Vampire is Buff and my past blue and pink neon frankens


  1. Wow lovely!!! I would have called water marble nails ;)

    1. Thanks, I wasn't sure what to call them haha

  2. Love these! Can't wait for a tutorial.