Sunday, February 24, 2013

bigRuby Nail Tattoos

Hey guys,

So I ordered a few sets of the bigRuby nail tattoos and I got them yesterday so of course I had to instantly do a mani with them!  I got the Him set and the Stars set.  I am so excited about these, they are so cute and so flippin easy to use.  If you ever put a temporay tattoo on when you were a kid or have put one on your own kiddo then this is as simple as that.  You basically place it on your dry nail in the position that you want and then put a wet washcloth or paper towel on top of the paper backing for 15 seconds, slide the paper off the nail and the tattoo is transferred to your nail. I found the application very easy, just make sure that when you place it you get it correct the first time because it sticks to your nail once it is placed on it.  Anyways enough rambling, all in all I am super satisfied with these and can't wait to use more of them!

I used Orly Night Owl, bigRuby deer tattoo from the Him set and black studs from a nail art gems set I got from Cheeky on Amazon.


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